I swish for a fish dish wish list.

not Ish and his Wish Dish
I am looking for an addon. I want an addon that will track my wish dish list. You know, that list of items that you can pickup at vendors, or the auction house. Stuff that would be fun, or useful later on. Stuff that I blog about here, but don't actually have.

Here is what I want this addon to do:
  1. When I visit a vendor, say a quartermaster or the AH, I can right-click an item and add it to my wishlist; tracking a virtually infinite list of items. 
  2. I'd like at least categories for the different body parts (head, shoulders, etc.) so that I can find items on my list quickly.
  3. Allow linking to that item, so that I can reference it in chat, or via Pawn.
  4. Have a column that shows me the pawn scale value for the item. (Scale chosen on an Options page).
  5. Allow me to prioritize the list so that I can set the weapon upgrade before the boots then change it when I get the weapon drop. 
  6. Have items lower in priority when I get a better upgrade (or maybe drop off the priority list to another tab)
  7. Track what I need to get that item and ding when I have it. (reputation, conquest points, or valor)
  8. Incorporate AtlasLoot data (for NPC location), then I can include raid drops, and quest items.
  9. Popup when it shows up, saying something to the effect of "WishList Item, Roll NEED". (I might not have missed that sideways upgrade for new shoulders).
  10. Track alt BOA/BOE requests. "Hey my priest could use this BOE drop."
  11. Present with a ATSW sort of popup when I visit the vendor with a wishlist item (like "Buy Reagents" ).
I've peeked a little bit on Curse, but didn't find any good candidates. Nothing that has been updated in, say, the last year. Will this be the addon that pulls me finally into LUA programming, maybe. If further research doesn't reveal better candidates. /shrug


  1. That sounds like a nifty idea. The first part, of recording items and arranging them in categories, doesn't sound too hard to implement logically. I was considering a while ago to start learning how to program addons but I abandoned the idea.


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