Achievable Guild Achievements

I am really excited about the new guild achievements and their associated loot. Here Blizzard has made it nice and easy for guilds of basically any size to pick up some interesting items, just for working together. After reading Poneria last week talk about how her guild finished the fishing achievement, it got me thinking about the various guild achievements that are easily obtainable (i.e. low hanging fruit!!) just by doing what we already do.

Here are a few guild achievements that I am working towards:
  • Critter Kill Squad - This achievement is simple enough. As you run around, target and kill various critters you pass by. Kill 50,000 critters and get a nifty armadillo pet (announcer voice) now with more animation (end announcer voice). I use an instant cast spell (fel flame) and firing it off as I run around. In the achievement comments, they mention 2 tricks to simplify. 1) run as a raid group, aoe gets 1 point for everyone in the group. 2) run certain areas (see this comment). Reports of completing the achievement in little over an hour. 
  • Someone fed it pet biscuits.
    PVP - "Slayer" achievements - Run a battleground and no matter win or lose, you will kill people or DOT people and someone else will kill them. For this achievement, you kill one of each race class combo and your done. All OOT has left is the Dwarf Mage combo for this achievement. Unfortunately, looking at this census data, there are only about 23 of them on my server TOTAL. If you include all the US there are only ~1,400 (1% of all dwarfs). This achievement is looking a lot harder to complete. On WoWHead, I found one active level 85 Dwarf mage, 11 on the Shadowburn battlegroup. When completed you get a nifty guild page, i.e. a non-combat pet like the Argent tourney page. Follows you around and can sell you guild item (also buy your trash). Sounds like an excellent item for dungeons with guild or pugs. :)
  • (Low level) Guild Dungeon runs - Take five level 85s, include a warlock (summons) and mage (portal) and you can hit all the old world, bc and wrath dungeons. What do you think? 3 hours? Got a lowbie who's looking to level? Why not drag them along with an uber-85 and knock them all out. OK, yes, maybe you'll spend more time running between the various dungeons, but it's worth it.
  • Cooking - Set the Oven to Cataclysmic still lets you use South Island Ice Tea. The process is rather simple, check out last months blog entry. In 4.0.6a, Blizzard removed the Ice Tea recipe from the list of recipes that award credit. Looking into starfire espresso, but you (now) have to buy the beans from the cooking token vendor. In the end you get a nice raiding recipe
Overall a short, but easy list of achievements to work on. Achievable by one person, and definitely quicker with more. Suggest that your guild kills critters, has a lowbie dungeon night. Heck, maybe hit a few dungeons after that raid, while you're all raid buffed and plow through the content. By completing these easy achievements, your guild will get more levels, and you get more guild rep. OOT has just hit level 8 and the Hasty Hearth guild perk is nice while questing. Also make the low level dungeon achievement that much easier..

What are you and your guild working towards? Do you have a favorite guild achievement? Please share.


    1. As of 4.0.6a - The South Island Iced Tea recipe no longer awards credit toward the Set the Oven to "Cataclysmic" or Time To Open A Restaurant guild achievements.


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