Enchanting Evening

By this weekend, I am planning to have almost all my equipment upgraded. I am running through Twilight Highlands and picking up a good portion of i333 gear replacing my Uldum greens.With that, I'd like to run through with guildies and enchant all my blues and purples.

Here's what I am thinking for Destruction:

(Vendor) Purchasable enchants:
  1. Boots - Lavawalker - Movement speed, stam and mastery. Personally good for both PVE and PVP situations. How better to "not stand in fire" than to be able to jump out before it hurts (too bad).
  2. Gloves - Mastery or Greater Mastery - Destro loves mastery. Mastery = increased damage from fire spells.
  3. Bracers - Precision (+50 hit) - at least until I max out my raiding hit. The other option is Haste and all the news I keep reading says Haste doesn't stack well for Destro. (darn if the haste buff doesn't make those incinerates fly during the dragon boss in Vortex Pinnacle) We're all about flash and bang, not the long DOT.
  4. Legs - Spellthread (Powerful Enchanted or Enchanted) Also a good portion of Int.
  5. Offhand - Superior Int - What's not to like for any DPS caster.
  6. Weapon - ?? Power Torrent maybe. Any enchant that procs, just sounds odd IMHO. But it DOES have a cool visual.. At the moment, I'm going old school and put that SP Wrath enchant.

Reputation based enchants:
  1. Head - Arcanum of Hyjal +int and +crit are both flash bang, just more flash and more banging.
  2. Shoulders - Charged Lodestone (Therazane) Int and Haste, but a little more haste isn't going to hurt. Now I just need to finish questing in Deepholm to get my rep up.
Grabbing a bunch of mats and enchanting velums and mailing them off to my guild enchanters might not be a bad idea. They can level up with someone else's mats and you get all their hard work back. double-win


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