Macro Quickie - Using Your Charms!

Doing the fishing daily, the one I am getting most often lately is Crawfish Creole. This quest has you fly around Orgrimmar and pickup 10 muddy crawfish.

My macro for this fishing quest is:
/tar Muddy Crawfish
/run SetRaidTarget("target", 5)

 The beauty of the macro is that the crawfish have a raid icon on them. Raid icons don't have LOS issues.

Can you find the next muddy crawfish?
I have another very similar macro for finding quest NPCs. Fly around and spam the button looking for him/her. When it clicks, they have a raid icon on them, so, now you simply run towards the moon/star/horse shoe... etc. Edit macro and replace with Lucky The Leprechaun. Magically Delicious!

Your options for raid icons include:
  • 0 = no icon or Remove icon
  • 1 = Yellow 4-point Star
  • 2 = Orange Circle
  • 3 = Purple Diamond
  • 4 = Green Triangle
  • 5 = White Crescent Moon
  • 6 = Blue Square
  • 7 = Red "X" Cross
  • 8 = White Skull


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