Justice for Warlocks!

Like, OMG, did you see what that outfit on Lady Nas'Jar. It's like totally last Xpac. Doesn't her BFF know that Periwinkle is not the new Purple? (ends bad imitation of teen-age girl)

I don't know about you, but I am already tired of the "Is this item better than what I have?" game. Sure PAWN is awesome!, in that I can see immediately if it's an upgrade, or if I should vendor it. Combine that with Outfitter, and I've basically automated gear selection and equipping.

What I am totally looking forward to, is my first round of point-purchased gear. You know, that gear you only replace by raiding, or doing the next round of dungeons.
Checking the vendor in Orgrimmar (upstairs from Garrosh), I see immediately that each of these items is several percentage points higher than my 'currently' equipped gear. Of course, I am only at 83 and still have ~80 quests in Deepholm and all of the higher level areas. As what happened in Icecrown, I found drops via the dungeons and questing that out-ranked this gear.

Since you can't use the Justice gear til 85, what may be a better, more immediate consideration is REP gear. Scanning down the list, I see a number of items that are available upgrades at level 83, simply by being honored with one of the new Cataclysm factions. For example, the Earthen Ring quartermaster has a iLevel 333 helm for being Honored. Easy if you've been questing in Vash'jir (plus Deepholm and Twilight Highlands). Otherwise, you can pick up the tabard once Friendly, hold onto it til 85 and champion their cause via the heroic dungeons. (Still got my Goblin tabard on Revered - 14,000 from exalted!!).

I am not holding my breath though. Things change quickly in this game. Heck, by the time I get to 85, I'll probably start filling in with Valor point gear (and ruin my entire tag line). What looks like a wonderful upgrade at 83, may end up being a sideways replacement when I finally can equip the gear. I just like to dream... or is it sulk? Yeah, warlocks sulk.


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