Bad Days for a WoW Player to Stay Home

Being a salaried IT professional, I have the flexibility, on occasion, to work from home. It works really handy for when this Dad must stay home with sick kids or wait for a delivery of Christmas proportions. Sometimes during my stay, I fire up the WoW client and run a heroic, or do a little fishing in the background.

Here is my really short list of days, that a (casual) player in particular shouldn't bother staying home.

  1. Patch days, like today. :(
  2. Kid's school holidays
  3. Edit: Days waiting for contractors to show. Can't be polite and run a dungeon, knowing someone is going to be ringing the door bell... 
 Yep, not much today.  If I am able to play tonight, Elk will be doing more quests in Deepholm. Running the beta, I had seen a good portion of Hyjal and Vashjir. Now that Elk is 82, I jumped to Deepholm for the evident gear upgrades, plus so that he can "find" the Stonecore entrance. He now has the three low dungeons which he can queue for. One more hour until Blizzard says my server should be available. Maybe for an early lunch!!


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