Are You Prepared?

Tomorrow is the day. You'd think that a cataclysm would be a surprise, but?? I guess Blizzard would like to charge for the experience... Since we know, we can prepare. I am not really thinking about trying to be first-in-game level 85 warlock, but I would like to be say, first in Guild. To do so, I am planning on starting at midnight and leveling as much as possible until say 3am Tuesday. Sleep til my wife and children are off to school, then play again until 2PM when I will pick them up.

My question to you, have you thought about what you'll need? No, I don't mean in game. I mean RL. You know the land of bio breaks, breakfast and babies. I'd like to share a few items I plan to do today to prepare.

  1. Time - off for good behavior. First order of business, is to forget business. I have scheduled 2 days off, Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes, like a new movie, I plan to logon at midnight and start leveling. :D
  2. Rested. No Warcraft Sunday night. This should help make sure that game time, I am not falling asleep on the sofa.
  3. Fed. Do you have sufficient snacks and refreshments for leveling? Anti-acids? Heck, do you have warm socks and fingerless gloves for when it get's rather cold at night?
  4. with Friends or Not? Have you coordinated your first few hours leveling with friends? Are they going to level with you to 85 or are you going to go solo. There are benefits of going either way. One you don't have to share your loot or XP with another character. On the other hand, you don't have to pug any group content. Think about hours of play, what is reasonable for all players, how you'll communicate and if/when you'll break during leveling.
  5. Computer Upgrade.  It's a bit last minute, but maybe your mom/dad, spouse, significant other may be willing to drop a new video card or more RAM into your gaming machine. Christmas is only 19 days away. BTW, if you haven't bought the downloadable upgrade, make sure you have 15-20gb free space on your hard drive to copy off the DVD size data file and decompress them to your hard drive. While you're at it, make sure your addons are all updated and you can quickly check Tuesday morning.

  6. In-Game cleanup? I know, I meant real-life, but I'd suggest emptying those bags, and the quest log clean-up. Consider dumping or turning in all that you are grey for. Maybe spend an hour today and pickup a bunch and complete, but don't turn in those quests in Icecrown (or where ever you may have left off).Just make sure you're parked in a city or inn at the end of the day tonight.

Is there something else you are planning to do for leveling? Do you plan to start playing when the gates open, or wait for the weekend?

How are you preparing?


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