[Tripping the Rifts] Achievement

Tripping the Rift (Amazon)
No, I am not referring to some Sci-Fi network cartoon, featuring aliens, but a Feat of Strength based on the Cataclysm pre-launch events. This achievement requires you to kill ten elementals at each of the various types of rifts. These rifts are spawning all over Azerorth.

In one night, I killed elementals in Stonard (air), Blasted Lands (fire) and Darkshore (water). The rifts spawn on a roughly 50 minute timer and last for approximately 10 minutes. This means you could (like I) run from Blasted Lands to Stonard and get both in one time frame.(Note: no way to track which elementals you already killed, so keep notes or do it quick).

The best list of spawn points I've found is on Wowpedia. This site contains a table for each elemental containing zones, levels and coordinates. Find a good spot, and camp it. The first night, I partied with a guildies and we camped two spots concurrently. Calling out in vent when they arrived.

If you kill (or are present for 10) elementals at your level range (i.e. 70-80), once a day you can pickup and turn in a daily quest with your local Earthen Ring representative. This quest awarded Elk 13g.


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