Idle Thoughts: Put ZG mounts on Blizzard store!

I know, I know. ZG mounts are difficult to get. Virtually impossible based on the less than 1% (0.7% according to Wowhead for ZG tiger) drop rate of these beasts. This rarity makes them a status symbol to many.

Now, what if Blizzard, once the means to get a mount goes away, it goes on the Blizzard store. For example:
  1. Zul'Gurub mounts?
  2. Achievement based mounts (i.e. iron bound proto-drake
  3. Amani War bear?
  4. Argent tourney mounts? 
  5. Class mounts?? (warlock, pally)
  6. Cross-faction (retired only) mounts? Can't you just see an orc on a frost ram? (A H)
Would you do it? How much would you spend?


  1. No, just no. Just because land mounts becomes useless, doesn't mean they should be handed to any rich player. It's still a symbol of hard work and long dedication.

    They're as well a sign of how long you've been in the game (Amani War Bear, the proto-drakes etc.) These mounts aren't for anyone.

    Plus, it would totally kill the 100 mounts achievement. Blizzard would just be stomping collectors in the face if they did that. But it would't really surprise me if they did.

  2. OK, the one, I am really curious about, the two mounts that are available to "Friend Accounts". Namely the 2-person rocket. I've got a guildie who's paid for a friend account, just so she could get the mount. Why not make it for sale, and then we can all have a 2-man mount??

  3. I would think the mounts you get from having a friend play was intended as a reward to people who promotet Blizzard to their friends.

    Rich people just found a way to exploit it.


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