Idle Thoughts: Druids Should Be Vegetarians.

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During my daily commute, I am listening to audio books. Not one to invest actual cash into the endeavor, I have found free sources for excellent stories. One of my current books is a fantasy story, with lots of magic, intrigue and of course, sword fighting.

In book 2 of the series, you are introduced to a race of creatures called the Pooka. These beings are humanoid, close to nature, and can at a whim, transform into a beast. Bear pooka, hawk pooka, fish pooka, etc. During a conversation between the main character and a pooka, it comes up that they actually eat animals, animals that some of their race turn into. Odd.

Got me thinking, druids do the same thing. Turn into beasts, eat beasts. Roasted, toasted and smoked. Anyway you have it, their eating the animals, that (IIRC) they are trying to protect. Going a step further, there's no buff, vegetarian food. Sure, lots of vegetarian treats (cookie, cupcake, cake), occasional holiday items (i.e. gingerbread, candied sweet taters) and drink options (coffee, tea and kungaloosh), but nothing seriously vegetarian.

No mats? How about giving herbalism a boost and make recipes that use picked posies? Or those darn mushrooms from undead ("festering mushroom soup")? While not personally a vegetarian, I think it would be fun(ny) to see a "[Enormous Fruit Salad]" dropped instead of Fish Feast before a big boss fight.

I am the father, prepare to dine.


  1. Vasburgs Thoughts: Druids Should Be Cannibals.

  2. They sure could be if they are not careful. Seems that, like the Pookas in the book, druids could go out hunting-kill a beast who actually was old uncle charlie.


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