Alt Progression - BUBBLES!

In this off time, I've been leveling my priest alt and having a lot of fun. Back in June, she was a level 9 Holy priest. I did the fire festival dailies and got her up to level 15. At that time, I thought I'd quest and do dungeons. With healers, as you may know, the typical dungeon queue time is nothing like that of a warlock. I hate to say it, but I don't like running dungeons on my lock now. "/g 15 minute queue!! NO WAY! toon hop.."

At level 40, I picked up dual spec and started running a Discipline build. In fact, I am finding that mana usage on disc is quite a bit lighter than Holy. I also find that as a disc priest, I am able to usually keep tanks alive in red content (1-2 levels higher).

As I see it, Disc priests have 2 major differences advantages from Holy. First, disc is not necessarily about healing, but about damage mitigation. How? Bubbles! Power Word: Shield and Divine Aegis to be specific. There are also a number of talents that directly buff bubbles. Bubbles that are reflective. There's one to make them regen mana and finally one to increase my haste after casting one. Except for the high amount of threat, I cast bubbles (at least on the tank) each and every fight.

Secondly, Disc priests are encouraged to do damage. Smite, the holy/disc staple damage spell get's a major bonus from Evangelism. If you time it right, this spell can be converted to Archangel, which grants mana back also. Secondly, Attonement, which heals when it deals.

Gear? I am totally for the BOA gear. She has 5 pieces of BOA gear on her at all times (shoulders, chest, weapon and both trinkets). If I had any chance of getting that darn BOA ring, I'd be all over it. Why? My prime objective is to level, not quest. (Yes, I did the Hallow's End achievements that a level 50 could do, but that was possibly for the free 310 mount). OK, yes, if someone shares a dungeon quest, I am all for that. Heck, that's what made the final 2 bubbles when at 60 to 61. Wearing BOA gear, that free 10% is wonderful. Think of it was 1 in 10 less death. 10% less grinding the trash in Hellfire Ramparts.

By now, my priest is level 62 with enough rested bonus to hit 63, maybe 64 by end of next dungeon marathon. I love that I can basically pick and choose tanks to run with. Don't like the group? Finish dungeon, then drop and regroup. Let the RDF gods have fun. She'll be blowing bubbles again in about 4-5 minutes. Here's to happy, shiny, bubbes!!


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