WoW Windows 7 Theme idea

I just got Windows 7 here on my office PC and have gone gaga over setting up themes and gadgets. Painfully trying to replicate some of my automation from XP (goodbye beloved ActiveDesktop). On to reinstalling all my administration programs and office applications to this 'one-off' PC.

One of the nifty functions of Windows 7 is the dynamic background. You define a theme pack and it will change the background every 30 minutes. To replace my WoW background, I have started investigating options for building a theme.
  1. Create a new theme by downloading all images to local hard drive and import into theme (All 2010 is 30mb), and it's NOT dynamic.
  2. Find Image RSS Feed source and tweak the Bing Dynamic Windows 7 Theme. (The .themepack file IS just a text file!)
    1. Find RSS feed on wallpapers (submit to forums, when have authenticator).
    2. Find RSS feed via a Search Engine site like Bing or Google. Unfortunately none of the 'tricks' seem to work for image search. doesn't provide space for file attachments (and my personal blog doesn't support 30+mb), so you'll have to create your own WoW theme. When and if I create the dynamic theme pack, I'll let you know.


  1. I have a "WoW shots" folder with background-esque screenshots, both my own and some from others (I'm addicted to Angelya's from R&R). It rotates every day, though sometimes I skip ahead to the next pic. I have my taskbar set to a grey kinda glass so the background shows through relatively well.

    As for sounds...I haven't broken out the sound editor yet for those.


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