What do you want from "Warcraft: The Movie"?

It's sort of inevitable. Some Marketing guy, see's a large, active audience and decides it would be great to market on the fame of the game. That turns into book deals, comics, action figures, board games and even, eventually a movie.

I believe everyone has heard that Blizzard is actively pursuing a "live-action" version of Warcraft,(i.e. not machinima). They have tapped Sam Raimi (spiderman, darkman) to direct/ produce the movie. Raimi may be backing out due to conflicts with Spiderman 4. According to reports, they have roughly 100 pages of a script worked out. IIRC, the story line is a subplot to the over-arching game, not a lore piece from one of the books.

I remember hearing that uber X-Men fans got so involved in the movie production that they helped influence the sound that Wolverine's blades made when extruding. This being one of the key elements that you'd expect from the movie.

Now, what would you expect from a World of Warcraft movie?

What if??

Lady Jaina Proudmore was played by Drew Berrymore.

Should the sound effects be based off the game directly? Or maybe realistic based on the equipment used? How about the voice actors? What if Samuel Jackson voiced Cairne Bloodhoof?

Would you be disappointed if they use BC spell (i mean casting) graphics instead of Wrath? Or shall it all be based off Cataclysm?

Does Rain of Fire cause divots in the ground? Or shall they simply disappear (as mystical fireballs may)?

What would happen if Peter Jackson (aka LOTR fame) filmed it? (Of course, he is currently named EP on the Halo movie).

With an estimated 3 years left in production, we need to be involved. This is OUR game. A good movie will boost subscriptions, increase longevity in this universe we spend so many hours in. A BAD movie, could spell the end of Warcraft and be the ultimate Cataclysm to Azeroth. When people start associating my evening hobby to 'that'... (ugh! /shame)

Here's to hoping the movie is AWESOME!


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