They May Have Actually Delivered Fun

CataElk going Alliance? NOT!
One item the devs hinted to in Cataclysm was to add some 'fun'. Fun to me, can be harmless randomness. The Underbelly Elixir in Cataclysm was fun. You would randomly turn into a wasp and could fly around the sewers, or a, um, walrus dude and have a +10% fishing buff!! :)

I found fun in Cataclysm, and Alchemist, it's OURS! I would like to introduce the Potion of Illusion. This 470 level alchemy potion transforms you for 2 minutes randomly into a different form. For example, CataElk the Worgen?! Unfortunately it's not a true transformation (like that in the Battered Hilt quest), you still can't get into Alliance territory, i.e. Silver Conclave.

As I leveled to 83, I've been picking Cinderbloom. With each pick, you have a chance to get other items, like Volatile Life (think Mote of Life). Ashara's Veil, I can't remember if it came from herbs in Hyjal or was a side pick, like Swiftthistle, that always had a bunch and nothing to do with it.Once you've reached here, it was REALLY easy to get from 450 to 470 alchemy; I did 5 draught of war, and 5 ghost elixir (15 cinderbloom and 10 crystal vial). At that point you can train the Potion of Illusion.


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