Premature Questitaltion is a Serious Concern..

Completionist, don't worry, this is not a concern for you, but if you are like millions of World of Warcraft players, please pay attention. For quite some time now, you've had pent up potential building. Stewing, growing, sitting, waiting for a single moment to explode.

instant Org-ataclysm!

So? How to use this pent-up potential in your favor. First off, it's not based on the size, but the location and number. When C-day drops, you need to be ready to let go. Ready to let it all OUT!. Now if my innuendo hasn't sparked some thoughts, let me explain.

Looking forward to December 7th, you have a little less than 50 days to almost complete 24 of your remaining quests (leaving one open for the weekly raid). Quest in fairly high-level areas, so that you can get the most XP available. Think about it, I estimate, you'd have almost 2 years worth of "rested bonus". Immediately logon empty your quest log, and then start leveling in Vash'jir! You could be 2 bubble ahead of everyone else (at least those who don't read my blog!!)

Ideas? Well, I suggest you load the WoWHead client. This client grabs info from your characters while playing, then uploads it to the WowHead site when you logoff. This will provide you with a list of zones and quests that you haven't completed. (Elk has 111 uncompleted quests left in Northrend). Sort the quest view by areas and Req. [level], then focus on those in Storm Peaks, and Icecrown if possible.

BC to Wrath, guildies got 2-3 bubbles on 70 when Wrath dropped. If you time it right, you could finish a zone and get the zone quest achievement on the first day!! AAAAHHH!


  1. many people did this when Wrath hit. They Did all of their quests in Netherstorm the night before.

    This is Definately for people who care to fly past everyone on the first moments of the expansion drop. I plan to enjoy all of the new stuff in the new zones rather than fly past them in a rush. We've been so stagnent right now that I dont want to chew through everything again and have to wait.

    Just my thoughts...

  2. Playing through the beta, my biggest issue so far has been the new mobs are all level 80. Playing a clothy, handling a same level mob is difficult. Getting to 81 quickly, simply to get a little advantage. heck, the level 83 spell you pickup, has me giddy with anticipation....


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