Sindragosa (10-man normal) First Impressions

Last night, Order of Thought, made our first pass at Sindragosa. For half the group, this was old hat. Having it run it in 10/25 on their mains, this easy-mode 10 was cake. Unfortunately for the other 5 of us, this was a first encounter. I feel that 7 wipes were actually great for this fight, considering it is the second to last boss. At least one of those attempts she was below 10% health.

Guess who's coming for dinner??

This fight is all about the dance. You have phase one and the Unchained Magic, which reminds me of Tyrannous (in PoS) with his targeted damage (what you cast, hurts another raid member). Phase 2 reminds me of the fight against Garfrost, where you need to hide behind the object ("I got a rock") to avoid massive AoE damage.

Here's what I learned in our 7 attempts on her Monday night. Let me first rehash her abilities:

Ground phase:
  • Unchained Magic - 2 targeted people get a stacking Instability debuff = 2000 dmg x per stack when buff falls off. I was casting until I reach 4 stacks, then pausing for a sec. Didn't notice if I was taking damage each time it reached 0 stacks, or only when it fell off.
  • Icy Grip -> Blistering Cold  - summon, then AoE to 25yds. 

Air Phase (starts @85%)
  • Ice tomb - randomly on 2 people and anyone within a few yards.
  • Ice spear - 4 times after ice tomb - in middle of field at bottom of stairs. Use ice tombs for LOS otherwise 15k to 20k dmg.
Repeat Ground - Air transitions until:

Final Phase (@35% health)
  • She's grounded from now on.
  • +Mystic Barriage(?) - Unrelenting damage that requires you to stand behind ice tombs to recover.
  • Ice tomb - every few seconds a new target. Must DPS down so that entire group doesn't get tombed.
  • Icy Grip -> Blistering Cold

Warlock perspective:
  1. drop warlock portal, often. (dropped here) I died (at least) 3 times, sadly, because my portal disappeared and I was sitting there spamming teleport, instead of running, and got massively hit by blistering cold. When the portal WAS up, it was absolutely awesome. Grip, port and I was instantly back applying dots while my crew ran back up the stairs. Problem was that our fights were lasting over 6 minutes. I am thinking that I'll need to drop a new portal after each port or at least between phases. The times that I noticed my portal expired and I survived are because I ran any direction away from her. Then I ran back at the start of the air phase to the stairs.
  2. SS on Me? I was putting the SS on our druid healer, but thinking back, maybe it would have been better on myself. ("[raid] Tank: battle res Elk again..") I know it's selfish (/cackle), but the healer wasn't dying until the end of the fight. She's actually been in there a few dozen more times than myself.
  3. CoD on CD. We had a Unholy DK in the group, so I was using CoD, instead of CoE. This was funny, because it would explode right about the transition from air to ground, and I would hear my aggro alerts going off each time.Unfortunately this spell has a cast cooldown and I accidentally cast it on the ice tombs, locking myself out of casting it again on the boss for 30 seconds. I am thinking my Boned macro needs a Sindragosa version.
  4.  AoE on Ice Tomb - We are still learning the Phase 3 dance. right, left, right, left.. A few times, someone would wander too close to someone about to be tombed and get frozen also. Time to whip out that AoE and free both simultaneously.
(place epic death screen shot here)

We reset the raid, and will be starting over tonight. Last Wednesday we cleared 8 bosses, up to Valithra (leaving Putricide, Blood Queen, Sindragosa and LK for Monday).

Woo-hoo! Now just hope my family life doesn't demand my attention tonight and I can attend!

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