Should I solo or not go?

Over the weekend, I was working on soloing the Steamvault. I was doing great, got two bosses down, finally found the keys to open up the third. When I mentioned what I was doing to a guildie, he suggested waiting until after Cataclysm drops.

His reasoning is the Cataclysm Guild Perks. One of the items they state as a way to get Guild rep is by doing dungeons and raids with ~80% guild attendance. For example:
Participating in a qualifying Guild Raid Boss Kills (Raid must be composed of 7/10 or 20/25 guild members)
So, if this is correct, we could attack all the old world, BC and wrath dungeons and get the achievements (for completion and in Wrath, the specifics) and get a glut of guild rep. Would be nice... I am hung up on the word "Qualifying".. On the otherhand, I am still NOT even friendly with my beta guild and I've gotten 1.5 levels on Elk. No dungeons, no raids or PVP though, maybe that's why?..


  1. Hard to say. I'd say partly it's down to how much fun you're having now before Cata hits. Soloing content is a good way to find fun and challenge so if it's working for you now, I'd say do it now. You can always do it again come Cata :)


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