Let it Loose!

I would like to propose that we have fun! Let it loose. Quit worrying about gear scores and trainers for a few hours and simply go into the game to be silly, rude and even random().  Here's what I am thinking...

Frat Party to the Panties Raid
Grab as many of your friends, pick a 10-20 man raid (old world or BC) and complete it. Two requirements:
  1. you are totally smashed, pick your poison. healers cannot heal you if you are not.
  2. you end with less gear on that started. I suggest a rule where each class must remove an item based on what drops. Cloth shoulders, all priest, mage and warlocks must bag their shoulders. 
Repeat raiding until all are naked (or only in non-stat clothes (i.e. seasonal clothes, pirate shirts or guild tabards ))

Streak Dalaran
Now that you are all (virtually) naked, streak around Dalaran (as a group). Make a few laps, whooping it up as noisily as possible. Invite those that join you for on a...
Naked Progressive Party
By now, hopefully, your party has grown (to 40 people!?) and you can head into slightly harder content. How about Molten Core (hot enough for ya')? Now equip the items that are appropriate that drop from the bosses. "Winner" is decided based on player with most gear on at end of raid.

My intention is two-fold. Stop raiding ICC for a day or two and complete some old world raids. I ran a level 21 shaman through RFK last night and felt like it was no big accomplishment to simply dot everything watch it die in two clicks. meh. How about if the 15 level 22 razorbacks actually could, maybe hurt me? And secondly, have fun with friends. That's the point of the M in MMORPG, right?


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