All I Want from Blizzard...

The last few months, I've been listening to TNB in my car to/from work. One of their "Final" questions, is to ask, "What one thing would you ask for from Blizzard?"

When I started playing Warcraft, back in the day, one of the biggest perks for chosing a Warlock is the "Free" mount. Nope, I didn't need to pay some trainer and buy a mount, I earned it via an epic quest line (and a fair amount of gold). Then Blizzard, announced with BC, that we'd be allowed to FLY! Yes, fly around our world, no longer need to use the taxi system to get from one area to the next. On the tip of every warlock's (and pally's) tongue was, what will the mount look like?

Unfortunately, Blizzard never implemented one. Nope. Sounding too much like my parents, or myself now, "maybe someday" (aka never).
Sorry for the bad news, but unfortunately there are no current plans for giving class flying mounts to Paladins and Warlocks. But do not give up hope, because no-one knows what the future will bring… Maybe on some fine day in the future we will get to see Paladins and Warlocks soaring through the air on flying mounts that are only available to them :-) Source: Vaneras, Jan. 2007

If I was to get one wish from Blizzard, it would be a epic, class-specific, flying mount. To make an excellent lock mount, (IMHO) it should be:
  • Black, fierce and on fire (see dreadsteed, and felsteed)
  • Not undead (no gargoyles or skeletal)
  • Demonic, love if it was pulled from the 'nether', not Wrath
  • Like to avoid it being dragon based. been there, done that.
  • Not so big that I can't fly through doorways.
These are a few suggestions from around the blogosphere. I am not sure I am really in love with any of them.

Like one forum poster said:
We're more likely to get green fire, than a flying mount.

A warlock can brood..


  1. heck, actually just strapping some flamy wings onto the current mount wouldn't be so bad. Sorta like the Sparkle pony where it runs & flies.

    Just a thought...

  2. @Fuu, found this one linked to on


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