Interview with Quest development team

I recently subscribed (personal birthday present) to the World of Warcraft "official" magazine. Since it only comes out quarterly, I received my first copy this week. Quite impressed with the quality so far; writing is well done, lots of high quality pictures and art and relevant articles. This issue even has a short post on the difference of dragons, drakes and proto-drakes.

bombing sketti eggs
The first article in this issue was an interview with the Quest Dev team. They discuss their developmental process, some of their heartaches and troubles. They brought up when new employees join the dev team they do not get GOOD examples of quests, they provide quests NOT to model. They specifically pointed out the Outland quest Fire over Sketties.
Basically, the monsters have like 5 abilities to disable you in 5 different ways, and they'd knock you off your mount so you'd take durability damage. It was horrible. (Luis Barriga)
Their second example was the quest "The Alchemist Aprentice", specifically for those "shorter" classes. They could not physically reach the ingredients on the top shelves. (At 6' tall in RL, I've seldom had that issue in my own kitchen; hide my secret stash of cookies on top shelf). From what they said, addons were created so that they could get the ingredients.

From my perspective, I hate all the murloc quests. That daily at the Sunwell was one of my least favorite. As a race, they tend to run when almost dead, and aggro a bunch of their friends when running back. Being a squishy caster with little CC options (fear?), these guys cost me a ton in repairs especially as a freshly minted 70.

So, what is your least favorite quest?  What quests would remove from the game if you had a chance?


  1. The mounted jousting daily quests in theargent tournament. Their not bad they just take too long.

  2. Ugh!, I couldn't even complete those quests until I upgraded my PC and got my framerate up.

  3. I'm short and my roommates and I store all the alcohol on the top shelf above our kitchen cabinets (simply because the kitchen is so small!). Having to ask someone to give you alcohol is usually enough to put me off drinking altogether.

    As for most hated quests it's hard to ignore the escort/talk quests (the tour of Shattrath and the walk around Caverns of Time). But even more than that I really hate the quest when the objective is misleading.

    For example there's an Oracle daily that the objective is to kill 50 whatevers. The Blizz UI quest helper style directions show you were to go and track how many out of 50 you have to kill. What they don't tell you is that *first* you have to fly to some unmarked/minor location and click on a crystal in your inventory to charge it. Only then can you complete the quest.

    I HATE it.


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