Getting ready to say goodbye to Dalaran

Sure, "Old World" is changing and all, but nobody ever talks about the changes to Dalaran coming soon. Yeah, I know, it's a floating city and all, it COULD split down the center and dragons come flying out of it. (Hmm, maybe that IS why it's flying??)

Anyway, with the coming Cataclysm, it will soon be a ghost town, like, well, Shattrath. (more after video)

As I start packing my bags and calling the movers, I ran around and grabbed a few snapshots of old friends. Like...

"Aunt" Sarah Brady -  the forgotten member of the family.
Hugh let's her moonlight here.

The TMNT crew - Splinter consulting with
Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo & Raphael

Applebough - the vendor that cannibalizes itself for you.

Sith Lord Land'alock - the quest giving pirate

Breanni - co-conspirator w/ my pet trading ring.

Lastly, but not least...
Marcia Chase - who's always willing to show you her goods

So, who's going sign your Dalaran yearbook?



  1. Mine is totally going to be the Shoe Shiner Gnome upstairs in the Threads of Fate. He always gives both my boots & myself a peptalk before every raid :)

  2. I'll miss Archmage Aethas Sunreaver. Dalaran was just a setback!


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