Why it's fun playing a healer?!

sometimes a lock can feel insignificant
when lacking useful raid buffs.
Don't get me wrong, playing a warlock is a lot of fun. What other class do you get to serve your minion a toasty, flame broiled enemies? On the other hand, what I've always wanted, is buffs. Since running through the Barrens on my warlock, I've wanted to be like the cool kids and pass out some random buff to every friend I pass. Hi, try my power word!.

Why am I having fun? I am responsible for the group. As a healer I am not worried about DPS, I am worried about keeping you alive.  
Tank, please don't try to out-run me, you probably will!! Yes, with your BOA gear, you'll probably last longer, but if you go an aggro the entire room; sorry, I can't heal that fast. 
I pass out buffs instead of curses; useful buffs, that everyone immediately benefits from. In addition, as a (low-level) healer, my spell cycle is short, Shield and Renew on tank. Most other players never get hurt. I am barely going to wear out two buttons on my mouse! (Thanks Vuhdo!)

Now, to be honest, before the random dungeon finder, this would have been tedious, if not impossible. Leveling a healer via questing is like, well, killing your enemies with your voidwalker. Bluey don't do DPS. Looking at the Armory, she's ran 29 five-man dungeons and 6 battlegrounds to date. Of these, I'd say about 8 dungeons and one BG where total failures.This means that she's leveled 13 levels simply through running 20 something dungeons and maybe a quest here or there.

Do I have a group of friends and guildies to run with? Sure. Would they wait for me to play? Most definitely not. What would happen would be like what happened with Elkagorasa. Let's drag elk through Scarlet Monastary night. When Cataclysm finally comes out, I am considering taking 2-3 days off work (mini vacation), in order to level with my co-workers.

Going forward, I will keep building this toon out, level by level, point by point. I just picked up a few new healing spells, like the AOE Prayer of Healing. Ready to give this another spin at Scarlet Monestary, maybe tonight. Wednesday is looking to be a raid on ICC, so Elk isn't going to gather dust. Wishing for Muradin's Spyglass (seen it 3 times now and lost everytime) to replace my older trinkets.


  1. I'm convinced that the new wave of max level healers will be really skillful.

    They'll have been practising, honing their craft all the while, not to mention also putting up with idiot PuGs for 80 entire levels as a Healer in the Dungeon Finder!

    Until recently almost nobody leveled as a healer. You would play as mostly DPS and then only once you'd reached max level (or neared it) start learning how to heal.

  2. 4 time running Scarlet Monastery Graveyard(?) and 3 out of the 4 times the tank runs around the first big room, aggros all plus the mini boss, hides in the back corner out of LOS and quickly dies. This leads to 1 or 2 people dropping group.. At least now that I am level appro for these people, the 4th time, no one died, but then again the tank worked slowly with me and only aggro'd small groups.


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