I just completed this achievement the other day. It's actually quite easy.

When the Ichoron splits, someone runs over to one of these light fixtures and clicks it. This will cause the room to electrify (like at the start) and kill all his spawns. Repeat this 2, maybe 3 times, and you should have him down in no time.

Now, do these fixtures also work for regular mobs? Like with the groups spawn? Could someone stand there clicking this fixture to do DPS? Like say the healer? :)


  1. Each fixture can only be used once, but as I understand they will work on regular mobs. Back when HVH could be tricky if things went screwy, we'd hit one to "catch up"

  2. And there's only three (just enough for the water boss incidentally), so I generally counsel groups to save them in case the water boss shows up as they really make that encounter much less irksome.

  3. ah darn. I was hoping that on a high-level group, we could just have that healer spam the thing.

  4. It is actually an easy achievement for your "Glory of the Hero" but the random bosses in Violet Hold made it go as one of the last on my list. Got it from a random daily group


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