WoW Account Fishing

Just got a message in my mailbox from some random acccount, saying I won a Beta Account. Excitedly I follow the link posted in the email ('cuz Blizzard doesn't really use that thingy)

So, open the site, oh look that familiar WoWArmory logon page.. For kicks I click on the languages at the bottom, see if the site changes languages...Blizzard is a worldwide company, they should do languages right...

 Unfortunately after I click, the only thing that changes is the URL. Hmm, something Phishy about this site. So, I go visit the official WowArmory page and click on Russian(?)? OK, so Blizzard translated the page, the other one did not. Guess, it's time to put in a bunch of garbage in the first URL! :)

Long of it, spammers aren't in it to fool everyone, only the gullible few. If you like the clothes your toons are wearing, make sure the site you are visiting is legit. Heck, at least see if they took the time to implement the language filter and not just scraped the armory page graphics.


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