Useful Resource: TimeUntilWintergrasp

I was reading through the notes on Cynwise Battlefield Manual about his interview on TNB. During this interview, he brought up a useful site called "Time Until Wintergrasp".

This site has a couple of interesting features:
  1. The time of the next Wintergrasp fight across a number of US servers.
  2. The outcome of the fights earlier today/this month.
  3. A running average of all fights for this month.
I hadn't done any calculations, but the site explains a lot on Malfurion. The Horde it seemed is almost always in control of Wintergrasp. According to TUW, we are in control 67% of the time.

Trending for June, it appears that Alliance takes control during the day, then Horde resumes control after "work" hours. (IMHO, this feeds the running stereotype on our server that most Alliance are teenage boys.) So, if you want to do VOA, and your Alliance toon is on Malfurion, you better be playing between 4AM and 5PM.


  1. Glad you liked it! I also find the data about my own server's behavior to be fascinating. The Horde looses a lot, but usually will win one of the evening battles -- usually the one right before raid time. We have a small, but good, Horde community on Durotan. The biggest problem is that they don't have the numbers to put up a fight most of the time.


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