What should be an easy achievement...

I was reviewing my reputation with  the various factions today and I realized that I've hit Exalted with about 15 different groups. 16 (of 20) according to the achievement page. This implies to me that I should have or be really close to completing the Ten Tabards achievement. Unfortunately when I review, I currently have only equipped 7.

So, how do I go about acquiring the remaining 9 that I've earned? How do I even figure out which ones I've already purchased? Due to the lack of stacking or separate character tab, I've tossed the "Championing" tabards as soon as I hit exalted. OK that means I've worn:
  1. Argent Crusade
  2. Ebon Blade
  3. Kirin Tor
  4. Wyrmrest Accord
Next, I have my guild tabard (5) and my Explorer tabard (6). Ok, I just realized that I got a tabard from fire festival (7). Whew! Thanks for lending your ear, er eyes.

Now for the remaining tabards. 

I qualify for all of the horde tabards, but they appear to be 50 champion seals each (sort of saving those seals for the 150 seal  flying mount). Unfortunately the goblin NPC in the Argent tourney area that sells souvenirs, doesn't also sell tabards. I'd gladly pay gold for each of these.

Next, I need to invest honor points to get the pvp tabards for Scout and Stone Guard. (15k and 20k respectively). I wonder if I could pickup the specific battleground tabards also? The Warsong Gulch one looks pretty stylish, listed at 60 WG Marks(??).

I am betting that this and the other BG tabards have also converted to honor points. In fact, the Frostwolf Battle Tabard (AV?) is listed at 15k honor. Well, at least by running the various BGs for the Hard Knocks achievement, I should have enough honor for all 4 (and the black raptor!).

While easy in respect, it now looks like I have a bit of work ahead of me to gather the honor and champ seals. :( I have the reputation, just not the currency.

Speaking of easy, wonder if there's an addon that will say... Hey you have this, this other achievement should be really easy. A sort of "related" achievements add-on. Overachiever comes close by providing a "suggestion" tab.


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