Gnomeregan Achievement to become Feat of Strength?

I am one of those Horde players that have yet to complete Gnomeregan. One, it's hard to get to, especially if you (like me) didn't do the quests to get in there and second it's a very big zone. Last time I tried to solo it, I got lost in the entry areas. Worst off, this enormous zone, that you can't mount and ride through, lots of running around (lost).

Coming soon, it sounds like this area may not even be available:
For Mekkatorque, however, his plan goes beyond just reacquiring lost technology. The retaking of Gnomeregan will determine his place in history, either as the high tinker who lost the gnomes' beloved capital, or the one who reestablished it as the center of innovation on Azeroth.
Operation: Gnomeregan is about to get underway.(source)

 I guess that I am going to need to revisit this zone, because I really, really want to complete the Classic Dungeonmaster achievement. I am not too worried about Cataclysm closing down this zone, but if I am bored, I should fire up the Wow-Pro Instance guide.


  1. Hey Elkagorasa, perhaps it's not too late to do the Orgrimmar/Booty Bay quests? Seems so much easier than actually getting to Loch Modan by foot/hoof.

    I've got a good map for the full Gnomeregan clear on my blog. Perhaps you'll find it easier to get around especially if you're like me and vertically challenged.

    (Shameless self linkage inc)

    If it's really just that one dungeon left for your achievement I think it's worth the effort. Do it!

  2. Thanks for the doc, it definitely will come in handy. I like how you broke down the map on a boss to boss basis. Plus in these times of portal to the start, the graveyard run is a nice touch.

    Unfortunately the starter quest Chief Engineer Scooty is considered completed and the portal unavailable if you don't do it at the right time. See here.

    Yeah, Gnomeregan and LBRS are my last two classic dungeons. I've heard LBRS is a bugger to complete the quest chains as you have to run in/out to do it.


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