Shared Topic: So, your raid got canceled?

OK, I just got the kids to bed, wife tucked away and logon to get a few late night hours of Warcraft in. Based on all my plans, there's this raid progression tonight and I am hoping to continue filling my spot. Darn, well, technical issues aside, I finally logon and well they didn't wait. Too many open seats and they've decided to fill my spot with an actually guildie (who probably didn't show last night because he didn't really care to play the first few bosses anyway).

Now what to do? (also what I do when no raid is planned).
  1. Queue up for the Random Dungeon
  2. Take a run around Dalaran, see what quirky people are on tonight
  3. Stop by Marcia Chase, pickup fishing daily (if it's not that dreaded ghost fish).
  4. Do Fishing daily, often get back before spot in random dungeon.
  5. Turn in fishing quest, port to orgrimmar to check out auction house.
  6. Buy up all the underperforming items and flip my gems.
  7. Accept dungeon invite, then go back in front of queue as someone went afk
  8. Hearth back to Dalaran, wish I could queue for daily pvp at same time.
  9. Accept another dungeon invite, run CoS in record 15 minutes, with another bronze proto drake drops, and no one takes, cuz we all have one.
  10. Port out, queue for daily pvp.
  11. See that Wintergrasp is a few minutes away, fly to portal and wait for fun.
  12. Do VOA if you win...
  13. Lose another round of PVP, attempting to get those coveted arena tokens.
  14. Log off around midnight, and go watch the Final, Cataclysmic Season of Lost.
Individual results may differ.


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