Shared Topic: Home Sweet Home or NO WAY!

After a long day of adventuring, where's your favorite town to hang up your weapon, take off your boots or slippers and curl up with a glass of wine? (Source)
{translated from orcish} I've read that "Home" is where your hearthstone is set. For me, home is Dalaran. Nothing like the comforts of the "Filthy Animal" to give an Orc warlock a place to prop up his feet. Dal is a happening place. Quick access to Orgrimmar (my second love) and quick and easy to grab a job or two that can be a bit challenging, let the young'ns fight in Thrallmar. Orgrimmar is were the money is to be made. Quick jaunt to the bank, auction house and two mailboxes in between. There's always a lot of people there showing off their gear, and young startups looking get a foot in the door.

Recently, I was given an offer of relocating to Undercity, then Thunderbluff. Ugh! Both those cities confuse me, with all those bridges and spans and multiple levels. The undead stink like rot and those tauren, oh my, I thought humans were ugly, but no where like that!..I'd rather smell Festergut's farts.



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