Rethinking LootRank

Not too long ago, I wasn't too happy with any of the loot ranking sites. It bugs me when looking at gear, and either priest healy gear or crafted items is considered the BiS for Warlocks. Um, locks do not need mana/5, and we don't heal anything but ourselves and/or our minions.

Today, I got a moment of inspiration and googled for LootRank Affliction Lock scales. I thought, if someone could do it for Pawn, someone probably did it for the LootRank site. I was happy to find on WowMDB (see Dec 17,2008 8AM), just that. It contains two different scales for various builds; each build contains a +hit and no hit. Yes, the scales are 1 1/2 years old (v3.0.3), but I feel better about these than the what is default with LootRank. For example, it states that my shoes are one below BiS (Heroic versions better) and that my next upgrade needs to be my weapons, trinket and/or belt (#24/50).
one tough little gnome

Another option is to take advantage of other people's Pawn scales. For example, Nibuca has done a ton of research on simulcraft recently. She built a wonderful little pawn scale that I use personally. Why not use that same scale when building actual loot rank scales. This way I'll get roughly the same ranking as I do at work via Loot rank, as I would via Pawn in-game.

Lootrank via Nibuca's Pawn scale


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