No Comments = Better Bloggers?

I'll tell you a secret. I am watching you. I know when you visit, even though you don't leave me a comment. How? Blogger doesn't provide that functionality you ask??

Subscribe to Google Analytics. The primary function of Analytics is to help with those pesky Google AdWords ( and no, I won't be setting up adwords, I'll stick to less intrusive Amazon Associates links!), but also great for tracking what pages get hit, and how you came here. Here's the summary for the last two weeks..

So, while I love to read your comments to my posts, I am a fairly certain that I am not just talking to an empty room. Keep posting your comments, and I'll keep trying to find something else interesting to post.


  1. Um I'm reading your posts through Google Reader... I'm never sure if that gets picked up by Analytics.

    Rest assured that people are reading! But we may just be too lazy to comment. Oh, that's just me. Sorry about that.

  2. Thanks Cassandri, Glad I keep it interesting enough to not land in the bit-bucket.

    As a RSS subscriber, you are tracked 2 ways in Analytics. Direct traffic (51 visits last week) or New vs. Returning which says that 26% of my traffic is based on return visits (based on unique IP addresses).


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