Isle of Conquest Holiday

The last weekend was an Isle of Conquest PVP holiday. Isle of Conquest is the new battlegrounds introduced with the 3.3 patch to Warcraft. This zone is resource race like Alterac Valley. As you grab various resources, you get different advantages. Own the dock, get catapults and Glaive Throwers (like a boomerang sword - unfortunately the only vehicle I didn't get to drive). Own the oil refinery, you get resouces (not sure if to build and power vehicles). Own the Hangar and you get a gunship that you can fire down upon your enemy base from above (ICC style).

The catapults are NOT like those in Wintergrasp, they are more like the demolisher's in Ulduar. You jump into the catapult and hit #1, and it will launch you into the air. Launch yourself into the air near the enemy base and you'll land inside. The alliance was loving this trick, because they would land on top our base then fire down arrow volleys from above. Worked wonderfully when they'd kill us rez'ing in the graveyard. Trick was to dot them when they got in range, then run as far away as possible to let them die a (slow) painful death.

I used the Bartender4 key binding, to bind mouse up to Death Coil and mouse down to Fear. This was really useful in the battlegrounds, I could tab -> scroll, tab, scroll, etc. and fear an entire crowd. It was NOT useful inside a Dalaran where I wanted to zoom in and zoom out. At least Dalaran blocks casting offensive spells when you have someone targeted. Need to retrain muscle memory to use ALT+mouse wheel...

If you're not into PVP, this is a good variety battleground. There are vehicles and turrets for those that like distance, there's lots of open space for melee battles and there's flags and bases to guard if you just like to take it easy. During the day, the horde managed to win 3 straight runs, but when I checked back in Friday night, the alliance had the upper-hand and won most matches.


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