Getting deeper into PVP

This weekend was a really, really quiet guild weekend online. None of my usual suspects logged on, and I was able to log-on earlier than typical (9PM local). So, this gave me a ton of time to PVP (after my daily pug of course).

I have come to the conclusion that PVP is basically raiding for the casual player. You get to do something with a large group of people. It often takes a coordinated effort to complete the task and if you're not, you'll die. When you complete that task, you will get some sort of reward, typically honor, which can be used to get gear upgrades.

This weekend, I played with a new PVP talent build. I was looking to decrease my Fear cast time and increase my stamina. What I came up with is this (56/15/0). Looking back at the build, I think I am going to take the 2 points out of Improved Curse of Agony and push them over to a pet, considering this build (53/15/0) but need to decide on how to spend my last 3 points (Dark Pact + Improved Felhunter or Improved Succubus). I am liking the Dark Pact option, in that it grants me a way to regain mana, without taking away health.

Now comes glyphs. I found this slightly aged post over at YAWN, that goes over some of the various warlock glyphs. His top 3 affliction pvp glyphs (as of March 2009) were Glyph of Soul Link, Glyph of Corruption and Glyph of Howl of Terror. 4-5% less damage taken, another possible nightfall proc and reduced CD (40s - 8s) Howl are all full of win. Looking at this build presented by FelFire, I am reminded of the Curse of Exhaustion Glyph and strongly consider putting 2 points into Master Summoner, instead of on a pet.

I tried playing with Macros, but no luck. I attempted to use a onfocus fear macro (i.e. Chain-Fear Focus Macro) that should have casted fear when I moused-over a target (scroll wheel down). Unfortunately that entire BG was a total loss with no fears going off. It was also a total loss with alliance winning the Eye of the Storm completely. Boo. With my Howl of Terror changes, it might be beneficial to move this into an easier spot. Currently it requires clicking to get it to trigger. Hmm, shift - mouse wheel down?? :)

Eye of Storm was on holiday over the weekend, so more Honor. This gave me enough Honor points to purchase the i245 Relentless Gladiator's Treads of Alacrity. I enchanted these with Tuskar's Vitality and gemmed with the orange Steady Eye of Zul (for the resilience and Stam bonus). I also found that my PVP neck was missing a gem, so I added a Solid Majestic Zircon also for stam. This brings my self-buffed health to 26,434, and with 'raid' buffs, I saw over 28k. Overall, my PVP gear is almost as good as my PVE. According to GearScore, my PVE set is 5308, while my PVP set is just over 5100. Not going to get into an ICC25 raids with this gear, but sure makes nice for PVPing.

What's next? I am thinking I'd like to try arena (lf team Malfurion-US, most nights after 9PM). There are a number of gear upgrades available that could be obtained with simply 700 arena points. Plus, the wrathful set looks very cool. Hmm, looks vaguely (color-wise) like the similar score Tier-10 pieces, but without the Tron glyphs all over it. I'd need a darn good arena team to see these, but I could get the basic ones for much less.


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