Decision made - 95 emblems spent.

Last night, after a VOA-10 and the daily dungeon, I had the last 4 Emblems of Frost necessary to purchase a new chest. 95 emblems is quite a bit of work for someone who doesn't raid in ICC often.

With that in mind, I ran over to Threads of Fate and picked up my new chest piece. (Note: Rueben Lauren in Dalaran standing next to her, sells the T10 pieces, for easy comparison). I decided against purchasing the straight tier-10 chest piece and get the Meteor Chaser's Raiment. I feel that in the long run, this was the better piece. I gemmed it with a Runed Cardinal Ruby, Rigid King's Amber, and a Purified Dreadstone. I took rigid, because my T9 piece had a good bit of hit, that I lost on this piece (Dark Coven is missing it also). Took the Dreadstone to get the socket bonus. I much rather put a +haste gem, but it was orange.

Since the purchase, today I ran, a PVP (strand of ancients is on holiday) and VOA 25. Despite a 100 point upgrade in my gear score, so far, I haven't seen a tremendous update in my DPS. I did have a 52 point drop in my hit (400 -> 348).


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