100th Post: The Infestation of Peddlefeet

As I was firing up the editor, to rattle off a quick side-note about the crazy influx of Peddlefeet in and around Orgimmar, I noticed that this will be my 100th blog post. That mini-milestone seems to make this post a bit more important than a quick one-liner.

Reading through the Valentines day 2010 story plots, it sounds like the scourge are on their way. Perfumes and colognes that are 'infused' with something odd. A lone detective looking into the changes and what maybe going around.

I am glad that I have completed this last year. 12 Charm bracelets? OK, but I guess that may be easier than collecting gift baskets.

Pilfering Perfume: The perfume cases are outside Orgrimmar, between the entrance and the UC zeppelin landing.

Crushing the Crown depends on your level. My bank toon stayed in Orgrimmar. My 80-lock had to go to Dalaran and basically fall off the Krasius Landing into the Sprayers.

I've only heard the v-day boss(es) are tough. Haven't played them yet. Looks like a good case for two macro's depending on who is attacking you.

  • Hummel -> "/use perfume neutralizer"
  • Baxter -> "/use cologne neutralizer"
  • Frye -> no aggro table and uses both.

All can be stunned, so good place for lots of Conflagerate and Shadowflame stuns.

Best off there's like a .01% chance of a cool rocket sled drop. Darth-solo has a nice write-up on pugging these bosses.

One question, of the Valentines day achievements, I still do not have the Lovely Luck is on Your Side. Does my male orc REALLY need to buy a dress? Or can he get the male 'dinner suit'?


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