Checking out the PVP scene..

Last weekend I was faced with long queue waits on the Random Dungeon Finder, potentially joining a raid in ICC10/25, so I decided to try again some of the PVP offerings. Heck, if the daily was right, I might even be able to get my PVP achievement for finishing all 4 of the dailies.

Checking with the warbringer, I found the daily PVP was in Arathi Basin. Not my favorite area, but definitely not the worst. Claim then defend upto 5 different areas on the large map from the opposing faction. Claim it by clicking on the flag, waiting for it to go neutral then wait for it to go your direction.

I found defending the forge fun! Close to the graveyard, center of map so you get some action, fairly defend-able because only 2 real entrance points. I had a healer sitting there with me each time, which was great!

I do need more practice. Here's what I do now:
  • Felpuppy on agressive and (tab) until alliance in distance. I want to setup this macro "Spammable CoE – Rogue Finder Ver. 2" as described on
  • Immolate/conflagerate for stun
  • Shadowfury for second stun
  • DeathCoil (if off CD)
  • Chaos Bolt
  • incinerate spam
  • if they're running my way, Fear and hope their dead soon.

I have 208 honorable kills in AV now, but still no win. Just wish the PVP queue timer didn't share the same CD as the Raid queue and the Dungeon Finder queue.


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