Got on to run the Heroic daily, and found a pug with 2 other guildies, Baeloc and Carnichan. Sounded like a messed up run before I got there as the first tank dc'd. Once we got a competent tank at the helm, here's what he did.

  1. Take the second boss into the inn on the second floor, stop all dps, wait 2 minutes then kill him there.
  2. Go back and wait for Arthas, then clear mobs to back door.
  3. Once Arthas opens the staircase, the tank and healer rounded up all the zombies by the front door, while we waited at the back door.
  4. Along come a huge chain of slow moving zombies, the tank runs into the next zone and grabs a chain (up to first construct) and we AOE them all down at once.

Compared to a timed run for the drake, this was absolutely the opposite. Slooow. Took us almost an hour after the two tank deaths.

Note: Don't forget to talk to Arthas. If you do forget at the start of a zone, be together when you ask him to continue on. All the zombies spawn immediately when you talk to him. That is instant death for a lone warlock. :)


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