What gems?

I just got my new Tier-8 helm and was wondering what to gem it out with. Using my old helm, I knew I had enjoyed the chaotic skyflare diamond, but what to put in the blue gem slot? My new helm, lost some of my hit, so now I am not quite hit capped, so? maybe something with a +HIT aspect?

That's when I stumbled upon "Armory Data Mining". This site boasts a recent run down of the wowarmory to see what everyone else is using. Evidently, 46% of the destruction warlock builds are using my same meta gem.

Looking at the stats on this site, it appears that I should have gone with the Purified Dreadstone, instead of the Glowing. Thinking about this, my Fel Armor, gives me a spell power bump based on spirit. Guess, I'll be regemming.


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