Onyxia's Lair + Destruction Lock = FAIL

Last night, I urged 2 guildies to three man Onyxia. Unfortunately after the fight started I learned that Onyxia is immune to all fire spells. No immolate, no conflagerate, no incinerate. My rotation consisted of Curse of Agony, Corruption and Chaos Bolt whenever the CD was ready. Luckily the tank, TOC geared held aggro and finished it off.

Next run, convert to Affliction.


  1. Does Chaos Bolt hit Onyxia? It's a fire school, and shouldn't penetrate immunities, only absorbtions and resistances. Maybe she isn't immune to fire, but has very high resistance.

    I tend to keep Corruption up, use Curse of Doom, Deathcoil, Shadowflame and Shadowfury on cooldown, fill with shadowbolts, and drain life after when tapping. Seed of corruption on the whelp spawns and that's pretty much it. Didn't get my usual "raid dps", but didn't do too badly.

  2. Good question. I thought I was hitting Onyxia, but maybe I was just wasting my mana on her. Another group of guildies are looking to run all the old world content this Friday. I'll update you on what I find.


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