My Shiny New Shoes

Last night, against my wife's best wishes, I ran a 5-man heroic Trial of the Champion and won a nice pair of clothy boots, Boots of the Crackling Flame.

Of this fight:
Phase 1: Fight 3 random groups of Argent Tourney Champions. Each Champion is accompanied by 3 valiants. You start the fight mounted, but if you get dismounted, revert to your regular weapon and fight like any boss fight.

Phase 2: Eadric the Pure and his helpers. He has 3 groups of 3, a priest (healer), a light-wielder (mage) and a monk. Kill his groupies first, in that order (priest, lightwielder and monk) Easy, just need to watch for his radiance cast which temporarily blinds you and turn around before hand. Also throws a hammer of radiance (like that Brewfest fight in BRD) that you can throw back for damage.

OR Argent Confessor Paletress is the harder of the two. She summons a ghost boss from other areas and then bubbles herself until the ghost boss leaves. Fairly easy as long as your tank picks up aggro on the ghost quickly. I got to see 3 different bosses due to slow heals and tank not knowing the fight.

Phase 3: Black Knight has 3 mini phases.

  • Body - easy tank and spank. One zombie.
  • Skeleton - raises 8 champions bodies into zombies. Our hunter put up an icy zone that slowed the zombies down. Zombies explode and deal damage. Found easiest to simply cast insta-cast spells on dark knight keep running from zombies. Zombies all explode at the end, try your best to stay away.
  • Ghost - Easy if done quick. Save your healing CDs for this round. Has a life-drain spell that hurts and causes increased spell damage.

20g in repairs for a new pair of (ilevel 219) boots. Worth it!


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